About Us


   The Bank has always been true to its mission as a financial institution that sees agricultural sector and MSMEs as its long-standing market niche in the accomplishment of its social objectives. NRBSL’s experience in rural banking has proven that serving the low income segment has been and can still be a viable and profitable undertaking. The Bank has accumulated a stock of knowledge and approaches in serving these markets and has the conviction to pursue this mission while consciously mitigating its risk exposures. These ideals are captured in the hallmark of NRBSL’s corporate identity:

Vision and Mission Statement

   NRBSL envisions the microenterprises, small agricultural sector and SMEs playing a vital role as initiators and beneficiaries of development.

   NRBSL seeks to become a leading provider of financial services for these sectors, hence a strategic partner in the development of local economies.

   NRBSL has creatively evolved into an organization with distinct departments where individual roles are defined and competencies are continuously enhanced according to the specific requirements of the operations. Aside from technical skills in the conduct of work, the leadership of NRBSL imbibes among its personnel the developmental role the Bank plays in the targeted communities. In order to build their respective careers in NRBSL, one must subscribe to the principles the Bank stands for - Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment and Honesty. Overall, it is the demonstration of loyalty to the Bank and to its cause that matters most. There is reason to expect that given a deep understanding of its social mission; the right technical preparations and appropriate benefits in the ranks of NRBSL personnel will emerge loyal officers who shall take on the responsibility of bringing NRBSL to greater heights in the future and beyond. Already, a number of officers possess the same advocacy and outward sensitivity after having learned how the Bank started with the firm belief that the poor are bankable, how the Bank advanced the reason for its being through its local economy development framework and how the Bank changed the lives of thousands of small farmers and micro-entrepreneurs in our midst.

Core Values

NRBSL’S Guiding Principles for Officers and Staff


We consistently strive to give quality and responsive service to our customers to gain their trust and confidence. We aim for standards of performance worthy of our Bank’s reputation and credibility in the industry. But we also extend our boundaries not by just honing our skills, being creative or innovative, but also by dedicating ourselves to work that we find socially relevant, useful and rewarding. We motivate ourselves to achieve our fullest potential.


With or without strict controls we perform our tasks well. We are not satisfied with just getting by; we learn every aspect of our job. We learn and discover what is needed. We also find meaning and rewards in our work. We see work as an expression of ourselves, as an opportunity for growth, as a means to share life’s lessons and wisdom with others. We take pride both in our individual and collective work and, at all times, seek the mastery of both.


Aware that we work in an institution of public trust, we conduct every aspect of our work with high ethical and moral standards. We avoid situations in which our actions are deemed prejudicial to the Bank’s interests or adversely affect its reputation. We make sure that our personal interests do not come into conflict with the duties we perform. We rest our credibility on transparency, fairness, and openness in our dealings. Above all, we take responsibility for our actions.


To commit is to pledge ourselves for a set of beliefs and to act on those beliefs with the right behavior. We commit to be worthy of our institution’s underlying principles as a bank for the poor by working as true professionals. We share the credit for our Bank’s successes by improving ourselves and serving our customers well. We are willing to take on challenges and risks to make changes in order to meet intended results for our Bank, the people in our organization, and the public we serve.


We tell the truth and honor it. That is the way we earn people’s trust. Whether in work, in relation with co-employees and officers, and with our customers, we accept our errors or mistakes in judgment, despite the consequences. More so, we apologize to those affected. We face issues as they arise and we don’t blame others for our faults. We indulge ourselves only in truth, not in lies.