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Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2019
Chairman Andres Galang Panganiban
Director Jocelyn F. Cajiuat
Director/Treasurer Magdalena G. Fernandez
Director/President and CEO Abundio D. Quililan Jr.
Director Fr. Juvenal A. Moraleda
Director Patricia Fe C. Gonzales
Director Marcelo N. Jampil
Director Guillermo C. Bacsa
Director Carmelita N. Ericta
Independent Director Atty. Celia N. Galzote - Valdez
Independent Director Engr. Eugenio M. Gonzales
Bank Officers
President and CEO Abundio D. Quililan, Jr.
Vice President and Chief of Staff Marcelo N. Jampil
Vice President for Branches Marketing Liza J. Ison
Vice President, Head of Legal Dept. and Corp. Secretary Atty. Michael Angelo T. Reyes
VP and CCO Jubailene B. Bulawit
VP and Branch Operations Head Sherwin S. Sangalang
VP and Area Marketing Supervisor Rizalinda S. Lumibao
VP and Accounting Head Mary Joy S. Pangilinan
VP-Candidate and Area Marketing Supervisor Michael P. Mendoza
AVP and Area Marketing Supervisor Francisca C. Lopez
Head of Internal Audit Ivan Andrei R. Morada

NRBSL Board of Directors in Action

"The Bank has myriad ways to make microfinance products and services genuinely significant and integral to local economy development."

Andres G. Panganiban

NRBSL leads a delegation from Confederation of Central Luzon Rural Banks (CCLRB) in a study tour in Vietnam

NRBSL Board of Directors attended the China Import and Export Fair or "Canton Fair" in Guangzhou, China