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Strategic Partnerships

NRBSL has maintained its good standing with its partner institutions. The Bank has been granted renewal anew of its accreditation both from its funding sources and guarantee-giving governmental agencies. The credit line facilities with LBP, SBC, DBP and BSP are all active and readily accessible.

In late 2017 NRBSL became a recipient of P16M funds from the Agricultural Credit and Policy Council for the implementation of Production Loan Easy Access (PLEA) program of the Department of Agriculture. By March 2018, another approval of P30M was granted in favor of the Bank to reach-out to more small farmers and livestock raisers. The engagement is a risk-free transaction at zero cost to the Bank. The credit facility is non-interest bearing for NRBSL with a pass-on rate of only 6% to end-borrowers. NRBSL is delighted to roll-out this credit facility to as many marginalized farmers being the most affordable interest rate ever in small agricultural financing. NRBSL’s exposure is fully secured in the engagement as the ultimate risk-taker is ACPC.

NRBSL was also chosen as conduit of ACPC for the distribution of funds under its Survival and Recovery (SURE) Program intended to assist small livestock raisers and farm laborers who became victims of bird flu epidemic in southern Nueva Ecija. In line with risk mitigation and asset protection mechanism, all NRBSL’s partner-agencies have renewed with increases the guarantee facilities in favor of the Bank. The grant of these renewals reflects the trust and confidence NRBSL enjoys from these agencies as a result of compliance to program rules.

Agricultural Guarantee Fund Pool

Agricultural Credit Policy Council

Home Guarantee Corporation

Development Bank of the Philippines

Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association

Cabanatuan City Bankers Club

Tarlac Federation of Rural Bankers

Land Bank of the Philippines

Owned by the government, Land Bank of the Philippines focuses on the needs of farmers and fishermen, even while providing the services of a universal bank.

LANDBANK is the fourth largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets and is the largest government-owned bank. Unlike most Philippine banks, LANDBANK has an extensive rural branch network. It services many rural sector clients in areas where banking is either limited to rural banks or is non-existent.

Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation

As a government corporate body created in 1991, the the Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation (SBGFC) is a primary agency for the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. Its mandate is to source and adopt development initiatives for globally competitive SMEs in terms of finance, technology, production, management, and business linkages. It is also mandated to support the development of small and medium enterprises all over the country through the provision of various alternative modes of financing and credit delivery systems. NRBSL acts as a conduit of SBGFC funds.

Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines

Formed initially by 18 banks in 1957, the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) has grown to a hundred or more members. NRBSL is an active member of RBAP since 1994 and the Bank's president, Andres G. Panganiban, served RBAP in various capacities as secretary, treasurer, consultant. Abundio D. Quililan, Jr. serves as a Director of RBAP (2015-2016). Currently he is a member of RBAP's Electoral Board and Technical Working Board.

Federation of Rural Banks of Nueva Ecija

Liza Ison held the position of Federation President in 2016-2017 while Abundio D. Quililan served same position in 1 term.

Confederation of Central Luzon Rural Banks

The CCLRB is a regional-level Confederation of rural banks based in Central Luzon. It membership includes over seventy (70) rural banks operating in seven provinces of Region III. The combined network of community-based branch offices of CCLRB-member banks has presence in almost all of the 355 cities and municipalities in Central Luzon. With most of member-banks in operations for at least two decades, CCLRB members banks have a long-standing contribution in the region’s agricultural productivity and in the delivery of inclusive financial services to small agricultural producers.