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Training Center

Business professionals and microfinance practitioners go into training for a number of reasons: they want to keep abreast of developments in the industry, they want to develop their full potentials, and they want to make sound decisions based on solid principles.

NRBSL's training center called the Bishop Julio Xavier Labayen Center for Local Economy Development is among the bank's long list of pro-poor, community development programs. The center offers a comprehensive array of courses designed for microfinance practitioners, such as the following:

Regular courses:

  • Credit Management Course (2 weeks) - a comprehensive training program on the fundamentals of sound Credit Management
  • Microfinance Training Program (2 months) - a detailed program providing the basics of microfinance, ideal for the microfinance practitioners with a heart for the enterprising poor.

Special courses:

  • The NRBSL Asset Conversion Cycle Lending Rationale (2 days) - cash-flow lending taken in a better light, to give participants valuable insight into asset conversion.
  • Credit Investigation Work (5 days) - this course covers the various aspects of Credit Investigation, from threshold tests involving ocular visits, neighborhood checks, court and bank checks.
  • Property Appraisal (3 days) - a guide on generally accepted procedures for property valuation and appraisal.
  • Repayment Management (5 days) - a course designed to help participants reinforce their skills and knowledge in the preventive strategies of repayment management, collection methods, tools, procedures.
  • Para-legal Training (2 days) - a complete guide to documentation, review, and legal remedies available to the microfinance practitioner.

Upcoming course:

  • YES BRO! (2-3 months) - a special course on entrepreneurship designed for young entrepreneurs who may want to go into business or already into it. The training is in coordination with TESDA and DTI and includes courses like electronics, computer literacy, automotive, hairdressing, dressmaking, airconditioning and refrigeration.